One, if you don’t, you get dorky looking graphs like the below: And two, some sports applications don’t correctly process the pace/distance data with it GPS on but the real data coming form the foot pod. Am I correct in thinking that? Hello I have the Garmin 405 and I love using it for running but sometimes I want to use it to track my heart rate and calories as I do stationary workouts like weight lifting or a workout video that doesn’t require a gps or much movement. On mine in Garmin Connect on the detail view, click the Export button, and then you’ll see the dropdown for the TCX button – does that not show up? I’ve broken mine once, through the simple accident of kicking it into the spokes…while riding. It’s a device that allows you to know the amount of cycling you can do when you pedal with a bicycle. Like running, you’ll want to ‘calibrate’ the speed sensor to your bikes wheel size. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! That’s actually the one great thing about HR data – is that it helps to level the playing field between cities. The cadence sensor works fine on the road, but it doesn’t work properly when I’m on the trainer. Therefore the workouts that I plan to share with other people can not be viewed because there is no GPS information (no map shown). I might be asking a silly question: would a foot-pod work while training indoor on an elliptical workout machine, rather than a treadmill? Wanna save some cash and support the site? If you happen to go outside first, the Garmin watches will actually do this for you via GPS automatically. Thanks Berge! I’ve been training with weights in the gym and I’m wondering if buying the foot pod will help count calories? The links have errors. The only other thing I can think of is the rear wheel is currently slightly buckled but I wouldn’t think this would affect things? See this post: In general, folks that do have it are in love with it. Find it to be very accurate an have no issues (aside from the size of it but that’s my own fault for getting it). Thanks so much for the post! I currently use Garmin Edge 510 computer and Garmin 910xt multisport watch. Tiene mucha información y consejos. I’m mainly looking for using it indoors without the GPS. Hi Ray, it was working fine before. Airdyne, push-ups, pull ups, squats etc. You should check out my videos. It comes with a few parts that simply zip tie onto your bike in a matter of a couple minutes: It runs completely wirelessly using ANT+, so no messy wires to untangle or deal with. I’m having trouble exporting indoor workouts (treadmill, trainer) from the Garmin Connect website. After reading your blog about Sprot Tracks, I’m currently learning my way around it as well. Yup, no problem doing that. If the light doesn’t light up (it could be a broken light), but more than likely it’s a broken sensor wand. I run and bike inside and outside. I’m sure it was just user error. Now it works just fine recording heart rate and calorie burnt. Want some ideas for good indoor bike trainer workouts to keep you entertained? Simply look up the wheel size on your tire sidewall, and then use this handy chart to map that to the size in millimeters (also located at the back of the manual, this is from the Edge 500 manual). Once you’ve gotten the watch on yourself, and yourself on the treadmill, we want to turn it on (the watch, not you). I also do a lot of plyo as well so calories burnt would be so helpful. While a lot of you out there have Garmin watches/units that you likely use outside when the weather is nicer, you can actually get quite a bit done inside – and still get all the same great data as outside. Justin – As for my ‘best overall watch’ recommendation, it’d have to be the 310XT – without reservation. Everytime I start an activity, the Forerunner tells me that the HRM, for example, is detected. A silly question which you may help me to answer. Are you willing to review or test beta products? It’s DOA but Garmin will replace it FOC! Use or Competitive Cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time users saving 15% on applicable products. This is great info ~ exactly what I was looking for. And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! HOWEVER, there was an issue with some units causing exactly as you describe – where it won’t retain date/time correctly. Hmm, that doesn’t sound good, check out this guide here and see if it helps any: I’ve got that on the post schedule at some point, fear not! One item to look at is the Wahoo RPM. I love this version because it’s tiny, and I wear my running shoes everywhere, so with this one, nobody notices it’s on there. In fact, some of those apps even upload to Garmin Connect. 310xt hard reboot and now not recording distance on turbo trainer. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. i use a 700×25 trainer tire with a 2105mm circumference. Why do I do this? Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! You’ll want to go back into the sensors menu and re-pair them. Good luck! The “export” button doesn’t show up for my indoor workouts in Garmin Connect either. as you have apparently moved through the whole range, what’s the difffrence between cheaper and more expensive models, and what should you get at various stages in your training? Makes it much easier that way. I have recently moved from a Polar V650 to an Edge 1000. Would love to see a post on the ideal cadence, you mention 92, and how to improve. — I have the garmin 310xt and have the issue with it not keeping time without connecting to the satellites . I was recently traveling and wanted to use my garmin 705 to record HR data on the treadmill. I have tried it many times now with my own, and everytime it gives the wrong timestamp to the workouts. I’m buying the cadence sensor this weekend and will use your handy dandy guide to set it up.Thanks again and all the best to you and ‘the girl’!!! Thanks! Any ideas? So even if you don’t run or bike, but instead wander around the gym using all the other shiny equipment, you can still use that inside to record your efforts. When running or walking with GPS turned off, speed, distance, and cadence are calculated using the accelerometer in the device. I think on the 910xt there is an option for “other” and I am assuming you could use that mode for a weight workout, am I correct in that? GC is a far nicer package and the Edge is streets ahead of the V650, but what do I use to record crossfit training other than to keep the Edge in my pocket? For example, the cheapest trainer out there (Little Red from Performance) is a great intro trainer, but I’ve found that it works well up until about 275w of power (which is a fair bit for most cyclists), beyond that, it just can’t provide the resistance needed. THis blog post uses a Cateye for the computer – but is there any reason that the Garmin wouldn’t work the same? It’s about $200 these days (sometimes cheaper) and would give you the most flexibility for connecting to ANT+ sensor devices as well as having Virtual Partner. You are my goto for info like this. If yes to the first question, are there any that transmit their distance record as a footpod or similar. It’s as simple as that. If budget is a concern, than the Forerunner 305 is a very close second. Hi, I use the treadmill for a third of my runs, with a garmin vivo active, I’ve noticed when pairing with Strava my treadmill data doesn’t transfer at all. It does not reflect speed and distance (naturally). Especially ones doing multiple run and bikes? I will definedly call back Garmin. Like running, if you use your Garmin Edge or Forerunner inside, you’re going to want one particular accessory to record distance and speed – as well as cadence. (i tried both but still can’t correct the start date) . Cheers. I have an indoor spinning bike, what tracking device do you recommend for that type of workout? I found a blog that had a great idea for the Garmin on a spin bike here is the link if you want to check it out! I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). I am interested in tracking gym/weight sessions (even just tracking HR/Calorie/Time for a spin class). Check out my tests that I did around this area within my FR220 In-Depth Review for more details on that. This means that when you turn the wacth on, you have to wait for gps signal to get correct date/time, and then you can turn gps off and go inside. For me though, I use my trainer 3-4 times a week…even in the summer.). I haven’t had a chance to get one in house here yet, but did play with them back at Interbike. I am using the 305 on a trainer but I can’t get any data for distance or speed, only cadence. Which setting do I put my fenix 3 on when I would like to use the HRM for a standard indoor gym circuit workout? For outdoor riding, I use an SRM (gives me power and cadence) combined with a Garmin 500 (records data from SRM and gives me speed/distance). In using the above items with my Cycle-ops indoor trainer, I have paired all the above items with the Ambit, made sure GPS is off, made sure the pods are working correctly, and setup Movescount with the correct tire circumference. Certainly there is no significant barrier between the sensor and the paired Garmin 500 and the rear is just the standard one that came with my Specialized bike.
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