When I visited, the various residential rooms were closed. Located in a building with a great historical trajectory, next to the Government Palace. On the façade protects two iron gates worked by Francisco Cantuña. In the museum there is a collection of 22 paintings of XVIII century marble and many other craft exhibitions. Dating back to the eighteenth century, located in the historic center of Quito. In its main altar shows the sculpture of the Virgen de Quito, made by Bernardo de Legarda, whose gigantic replica is observed in the Muffin Loma. I monasteri di San Francesco (al cui interno è stato allestito anche un museo) e di San Domenico e la chiesa della Compagnia di Gesù, con l'annesso collegio, hanno interni riccamente decorati e rappresentano l'esempio più classico della cosiddetta scuola barocca di Quito, in cui si fondono elementi spagnoli, italiani, moreschi e fiamminghi, con l'aggiunta di un influsso dell'arte indigena precolombiana. Stored in the basement crypt where the remains of several former presidents of Ecuador. The Templo de San Francisco is one of the largest and most important catholic religious centercenters in Quito. While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, some venues may be currently temporarily closed without notice. It is the largest architectural complex between the historic centers in Latin America. Please confirm status on the venue website before making any plans. It is the largest architectural complex between the historic centers of Latin America. It houses sculptures and paintings from the colonial period. Its rainforest is the habitat for a wide variety of orchids. It is basically an art museum featuring religious paintings and applied art (crosses, sculptures, figurines etc) from 16-19 centuries. Inside it houses an invaluable collection of objects and historical documents of the Real Audiencia de Quito. In its main altar shows the sculpture of the Virgen de Quito, made by Bernardo de Legarda, whose gigantic replica is observed in the Muffin Loma. It is also possible to find mammals, reptiles and colorful butterflies. Sorry! This temple is dedicated entirely to religious art. The building has a striking architectural design with inner patios and corridors where you may see some of the monks who live in the temple. A Problem Occurred While Sending The Email, Please Try Again Later. ... Cuenca 477 y Sucre Plaza de San Francisco, Convento de San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Pichincha 170150. Very wide, consists of four galleries divided into two floors. Its decoration based on strokes Muslims, and altars covered with gold leaf and fruit shapes, birds and carved faces, make this unique architectural gem American Baroque. It is also the base for a radio station belonging to the San Franciscan order. Located in the heart of the historic center of Quito, has a unique architecture, a mixture of different elements and styles from various eras. Museo de Arte Religioso perteneciente a la Orden de Frailes Menores del Ecuador. You Have Been Successfully Unsubscribed From The Newsletter. Acceso para personas con capacidades especiales: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event. It is the oldest monastery, the biggest and most interesting of Ecuador for its artistic content and its historical role. With an area of 3383 hectares and located 40 km northwest of Quito. Located 15 kilometers north of Quito, the city tourist, cultural, scientific and commercial smallest Ecuador. It is a privileged place where you can see about 500 species of birds. Claustro Principal.-   Once the seventeenth century. Problem While Recovering Password, Please Try Again Later, First Name Should Not Be More Than 50 Characters, Last Name Should Not Be More Than 50 Characters, Problem Reseting Your Password, Please Try Again Later, Keyword Is Restricted, Please Try Another Keyword. It is an old colonial building monastery. In its main altar displays the original sculpture of the Virgin of Quito. Located next to the Quito Historic Centre, with three thousand meters above the sea level. Note: Please seperate each email address with a comma. Inside exhibit excellent works of art from the colonial image of the Virgen de Legarda. It is a high Andean valley north gateway to the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. It houses sculptures and paintings from the colonial period. Quito - Ecuador. It has a total of 104 Tuscan stone columns linked by arches. Plaza San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador, 170401, Casa del Alabado Museo De Arte Pre-Columbino. IGLESIA SAN FRANCISCO DE QUITO (LEYENDA DE CANTUÑA) - Duration: 4:35. Information of Convento San Francisco Museum San Francisco occupies three and a half hectares, located in the center of the square of its name, with the grand facade of the cathedral Mannerist. Has a construction of the Italian Renaissance style. On its walls kept colonial art. ... Reportaje Hospital San Juan de Dios (Actual Museo de la Ciudad de Quito) - Duration: 7:45. Subir | UP | Arriba. Inside the famous Equatorial Monument, located exactly on latitude 0 ° 0'0 ". Within its walls you can find around 400 pieces of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries make up the religious art exhibit on display in the corridors of the convent where the museum since 1993 works Franciscan friar Pedro Gocial. What type of location are you collecting? Museo Fray Pedro Gocial © 2014. Creado y Administrado Por COMVIL. Salas de exposición.- Pursuant to the gallery spaces of the west wing low, there are presented the following works: five paintings from the series of the Life of San Francisco, on the roof look decorative wall painting of the eighteenth century The prize of the Royal Foundation of Toledo and the paintings in the series of Christian Doctrine of Miguel de Santiago. Password Should Be 8-16 Characters Long, Alphanumeric With One Special Character, Password Should Not Be More Than 50 Characters. It consists of the square, the main church, the chapel of San Buenaventura, Cantuña Chapel and the Convent of seven yards.
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