Ryder: No, also we'd like to invite you to Mr. Porters restaurant for a day at the beach. Ryder closed his eyes and began to drink from the straw. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, had a shower and did his hair before realizing he said noon. At the end of the episode, Katie thanks Ryder for saving her and Cali and Ryder as usual says his catchphrase that if she is ever in trouble, just yelp for help. (Goes up to counter) 5 Porter burgers please, without onions and three without onions or tomatoes. But Rocky nudged Chase and nodded at the pair. Pups, Katie, And Ryder's Birthday is the first story by Moose513 on this wiki. After that, Rubble and Ryder made a snow stair case up to Katie and Cali and Ryder climbed up the steps and Katie said, "Yay Ryder!". Girl: Hehehe! Template:YoutubePlayer (Close to you - The Carpenters). Nick Jr. Angelinatheballerinapup/I'm really sorry everyone, https://paw-patrol-relation-ship.fandom.com/wiki/Katie_X_Ryder?oldid=20859, Later after that, when Ryder told Katie to tell the engineer to get this train going, Katie told Ryder she would, but she was worried. That's the spot! That's the spot! He marched outside and woke the pups because he didn't want them sleeping in today! Marshall: Do it there! This was because Cali was on top of the moving train. Correct? Thought the other voice. But there's more to come! (Ruffles Ryder's hair). Later in the episode, the Paw Patrol sucessfully rounded up all of the kitties, and Katie was very happy and the cat show was able to continue, but Cali ended up being airborne and Ryder became very worried and immeadiately announced that there was an airbone cat and he told Skye to save Cali from falling. Let's get some food then. They sneaked over to Mr. Porter and whispered. After a while, Katie and Chase let go of the hug, and the Funeral service started, after Ryder’s Funeral, all of the PAW Patrol Pups took a Final stand for their fallen Leader, Chase was at the Front, with Marshall and Skye right behind him, then followed by Rubble and Zuma, and then by, Everest and Tracker, and finally by Tuck, Ella and Rex, all of the PAW Patrol Pups bowed their heads down. (He directs it at the steps). Katie has shown hints that she may have a crush on Ryder and the best moment was "Pups Save a Dragon" where Katie really wanted to see Ryder's reaction to having to kiss her in which she giggled when he looked nervous and put on the spot. 8. This ship can be seen as a human counterpart to Chase X Skye. It's Ryder's birthday, and Katie teams up with the pups to surprise him, but she begins to become sort of a tyrant leader. Ryder looked worried and said, "worried?". When Katie calls Ryder for help, Ryder is always very confident that she will be saved and is always eager to save her. Su misión es designar los diferentes trabajos a los cachorros para solucionar los problemas que se presenten en su ciudad. But now I to read Chickaletta her afternoon reading educational book. A little before Ryder started the paw patrol he just got to adventure bay to start a new life so he got off the train and looked around and mayor good way greeted him there. Kinda like your cheeks just now. There are a lot of videos, fanart, fanfiction stories, and user generated websites that show a Katie and Ryder relationship like wattpad, paw patrol-fanon-fandom, and youtube. (Speaks) Oh no! And your here just to introduce yourself? Do you ever wonder how Katie and Ryder met each other and how they became best friends then more then friends well now you will find out how that happened. But maybe you do? Katie from PAW Patrol, she is a 10-year-old girl around Ryder's age. Later after that, while Chase was leading the team, Katie ran to Ryder in panic and told him that someone took Cali. Friendship / Hints of Romance (He goes over there and approaches Diamondback) May I ask how the progress is? We're not on the ship anymore. That's the spot! When Katie sees the dragon with tangled whiskers and whimpering, she said that was not good, but Ryder thought she meant it was not good that the dragon was there and said he will save her from the Dragon, but Katie corrected Ryder while touching his face on the screen to say that she meant the tangled whiskers were not good. Rubble then asks Ryder who her true love was, and Ryder said Cali of course. Ryder, since he was all ready started brushing Rocky's fur fast. Katie liked Ryder. Ryder mentally hit himself. Ryder said, "Meow for help" and Ryder and Katie chuckled. Some imagine it as a romantic pairing while others see it as a friendship pairing. Ryder: So maybe you wanna.. go for a walk on the beach? So can you get them back to the Lookout Chase? Her long blonde hair, her blue eyes, pale skin she was wearing a pink and red striped summer floaty dress and blue sandals. Ryder has saved Katie and Cali numerous times in the series which is why Katie relys on Ryder to save them when they are in trouble. Marshall: (finishes) Yeah! Katie and Ryder are one of the very few humans in Paw Patrol shipped romantically together and also makes this ship very popular knowing theres no one else for these two to be romantically shipped to. She is showing her bare feet. Near the end of the episode, Ryder and the pups saved Cali and took her back to Katie and Katie was so happy and relieved that Cali was safe and thanked Ryder. Then the black page opens to just a little love heart on Katie and Ryder. She doesn't like you and you don't like her! They started racing to Mr. Porters and Marshall started off in the lead, but Chase came first, Ryder second, Rocky third and Marshall..last. The final scene shows them walking on the beach hand-in-hand in the sunset. When she saw them, she raced up. /Katie is excited to be entering one of the Paw Patrol pups into a puppy grooming competition "Puptacular" in the next town. Marshall: So like this? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. and the bedrock is blocked by the rock, ... Katie said. Ryder: Hey Katie, wanna go to Mr. Porter's for Next Thursday? The girl giggled and started reassuring her cat "Cali" again, Rocky and Chase continued to watch Marshall polish off the steps. Cool. My name is Zack Ryder, but I go by the name Ryder. Ryder: (Thinks) What a beautiful voice! Katie: That's cool! Ryder then gets the Paw Patrol to search for her lost kitten. Ryder: Ok. Haha. Mayor Goddway: Just talk to her, tell her who you are! She always pulled through when Ryder or the pups needed her, making her officially part of the PAW Patrol (if being his girlfriend wasn't enough), and almost every Christmas, Katie would gift him something sweet. Cali fell onto Marshall and they were both rolling down the hill in a giant snowball until they hit a pole and Ryder and Katie together ran to their pets to make sure they were okay. The new neighbors have arrived! The current members are Chase, the German shepherd police dog. Later in the episode when Cali ran away from not enjoying the sleepover, Katie and Everest panicked because they couldn't find her anywhere so she called Ryder. Mayor Goodway: Well, I wish the best for you Ryder. Owen Mason (1° voz) Elijha Hammill (2° voz) René Pinochet (latino) Megumi Han (japonés) So Ryder chose Rocky to bring Cali to Katie to wake her up with a kiss from her own cat. Ryder: Thanks, Mr. Porter! Ryder: Heh heh! Say hi, Cali! Wait! Katie was just walking along the beach. Ryder: Um yeah, thanks. Just as he reached the counter a blonde head pops up from under it. Well, I have to go now, bye! Paw Patrol Relation Ship Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Katie X Ryder has received postive reactions from fans and it is not debatable at all who else Ryder or Katie should be shipped with. And the rocks are blocking his way!'' When he got back to the Lookout, Chase came up to him worriedly. The pups went to play on the beach while Katie and Ryder sat at the table still chatting. ''I need 3 pups for this action...'' Katie said. Thought the other voice viciously. Ryder: Well, I dashed to paw patrol but...I fell into bedrock and my feet hurts, oh! Wait, which spot? (Marshall Version), https://paw-patrol-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Ryder%27s_Crush?oldid=87395. It's Ryder's birthday, and Katie teams up with the pups to surprise him, but she begins to become sort of a tyrant leader. Diamondback: We just finished! Chase: (Finished eating) Sounds like a good idea, Ryder! I run the local rescue team called the PAW Patrol. Google images has tons of Katie X Ryder pictures with hearts included. Ryder asked Katie how the sleepover was going and Katie said it was over because of Cali running into the woods and it was very cold. No se sabe el paradero de sus padres, pero sí que es el dueño de Marshall, Rubble,Chase,Rocky,Zuma y Skye. She said again. Yes Cali! Characters Ryder: Well, my favorite color's red, what's yours? Katie was very grateful again for having Ryder and his pups save her again. Ryder and Katie, Ryder hears that he may have to kiss Katie to wake her up, Ryder very nervous about having to kiss Katie and he thought he just had to slay the dragon. They both finish the shake and stare at each other, seemingly getting closer by the minute. Near the end of the episode, Ryder and the pups found Cali stuck high up in a tree and Ryder told Marshall to use his ladder like a bridge to save her and it worked. Marshall, the dalmatian firefighter dog.
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