After seeing his mother, Baldur attempts to attack her, but Kratos and Atreus battle him. Atreus shoots his father with a shock arrow, believing himself to be ready to fight the Norse God of light, but is grabbed and taken. He first appeared in the video game God of War (2018), and the deuteragonist of the series. The two also see Baldur watch his past of him arguing against his mother Freya for casting the spell that made him invulnerable. Kratos an… All Shroff will say however is it’s “another detail we’re going to hold off on”. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Atreus was erroneously called Charlie after the E3 2016 reveal, which would later be joke and be given to Freya's turtle, Chaurli. Once entering the Bifrost, they realize that the tower has no crystal, and will need both of Mimir's eyes to enter the land of the giants. While going through Hel, Atreus sees his self killing Modi, despite saying that wasn't him. Learn more. Kratos (father)Laufey/Faye (mother)Calliope (half-sister)Deimos (uncle)Athena (aunt)Ares (uncle)Hercules (uncle)Hephaestus (uncle)Persephone (aunt)Hermes (uncle)Perseus (uncle)Apollo (uncle) Artemis (aunt)Zeus (grandfather)Callisto (grandmother)Poseidon (great-uncle)Hades (great-uncle)Cronos (great-grandfather)Rhea (great-grandmother)Gaia (great-great grandmother)Ouranos (great-great grandfather)Pandora (adoptive cousin)Angrboða (future wife)Jörmungandr (son)Fenrir (son)Hel (daughter) Enemies She takes them to the Bifrost, and Kratos activates the machine to Alfheim, the realm of the Elves. The reveal that he is Loki is foreshadowed in the game: Him asking his father could he turn into animal, such as a wolf, which Loki is infamous for. Friends/Allies Through the journey, he learned of his God and Jötun heritage. Now, the game's director, Cory Barlog, has shed some new light on one detail which previously eluded many fans – why does Kratos refer to his son, Atreus, as "boy" throughout much of the game's expansive story? There was a problem. Mimir speaks with Jörmungandr, and he allows them to enter his stomach to collect the eye, and do so before being launched out unexpectedly. Being returned to Thamur's corpse, they meet Freya, who is looking for her son (stating the woods speak of him on Midgard). At the lake, the two summon Jörmungandr, the world serpent that lowers the water to get them on land. When directly asked about Kratos’ son’s name, technical designer Mihir Sheth kept it short: “We’re not revealing the name at this time”. Mimir suggests that Kratos take him to Freya, and she states that Atreus' god side is fighting with his mortal side (since he doesn't know of his godhood). Kratos returns home and collects the Blades of Chaos, and kills the bridge keeper while getting the aid of Brok to get out of Hel. BaldurMagni and ModiNorse Mythical Monsters Who’s is Kratos’ son? He is second to fight alongside Kratos, the first being his uncle and Kratos' brother, Deimos. As a child, Faye would tell Atreus stories of the Æsir Gods, Vanir Gods, the realms, and monsters that lived in Midgard. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. She then orders him to destroy any that he finds, and then revives Mimir before spitting on his face. NY 10036. Then another running down a straight line, which translates to "skilled arm" or "main arm. Atreus is named after Kratos' Spartan leader, who was known for having a smile on his face in at the worst of times. ", Lastly, there is one on the back of his hand, which means "quick hand.". After learning of his godhood, Atreus becomes arrogant, cocky, and reckless, boasting that they can do whatever they want. He was the son of a Titan (God of Warcraft) “Pallas” and “Styx” (who is a river which forms a borderline between earth and Hades).
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